We were very impressed with how smoothly everything went—thank you for everything! C.R.C. Event Producer & Director

Recent Work

Take a look at some not so recent jobs...Covid happened, ugh.

Old Tungten Lights in Use

One man band job and the tungsten pack tighter...

2020 Pandemic Videography

Shooting in a factory under Covid 19...

Satellite Media Tour with Joe Gibbs

Time Code Sync without cables

Another 2 camera interview.

Waiting on talent.

Setting up an #interrotron…

Errol Morris was an innovator.

$66 Billion Dollar Merger

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Video Crew Greensboro, NC

Helping local and out of town corporate video, broadcast producers plus fellow DPs for over 30 years. It’s what I love to do! Professional video crews and rental equipment for broadcast video productions including web, news, entertainment and corporate video throughout North Carolina and beyond.

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Recent Blog Posts

August 10, 2018 |

Working hard.

June 25, 2018 |


April 9, 2018 |

Watching field producer work for a change, ha!

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